Current Projects

Current projects include:

Blind Imagining

Alex is putting together a Toronto based workshop to explore making theatre from a non sighted perspective.

The Story

December 2017, Alex will perform outdoors in the cold and snow playing three characters in this Martha Ross gem produced by Common Boots Theatre.

Drift Seeds

In 2017 Alex joins the creative team as assistant dramaturge and performer for this large scale outdoor production in Toronto

Sounds Like She

This original feature exploring voice and gender was written and conceived by Alex Bulmer and produced by Polly Thomas as a Naked Production. It was in the final three for the UK Radio Aria Prize and was broadcast in March 2017 on BBC Radio 3. You can listen to it here:

Maddy And The Invisible Band of Groovers

In October 2016 Alex directs the tour of her original play with her inclusive theatre company Invisible Flash