Film and Television

Cast Offs

Channel 4. Six disabled people are stranded on a desert island and attempt to survive while the camera’s roll in this six part mock-reality TV show.
Nominated for writing and best Drama Series Royal Television Society Award, BAFTA
Interview with the writers of Cast Offs – arts desk.


A twelve minute reflection on seeing others without clear sight.
Won Best Documentary at the Toronto International Disability Film Festival
To order a copy of Beauty, select this link and search for Alex Bulmer.

N.O.B. Services for The Blind

A three minute humorous look at access and charity for blind people.
To order a copy of N.O.B. Services for The Blind, select this link and search for Alex Bulmer.

Finding a Sky

An ex sea captain with alzheimers befriends a blind woman in a seniors home, and determines to teach her the way to the back garden.
Won Best Drama at the Picture This Festival Calgary, Alberta.