Excerpt from Noise

Scene 36: Hallway


KIT   [approaching door]  Dan?

More knocking.

MATT   [outside]   Kit?

KIT   Who is it?

MATT  It’s Matthew.


MATT   Please, Kit. Open the door.

KIT   Who are you?

MATT   I’m your piano teacher.  And your friend .I’m worried about you.

The door opens.

KIT   Piano. I wrote that word in my book.

MATT   Look at you. God it’s good to see you.

KIT Did the rehab centre send you?

MATT No, Kit, Matt Firni.  Hey, I don’t want to frighten you. Should I come another time?

KIT   Matt Firni.

MATT    Or, if you’d like, we could sit at your piano.  Where we usually sat.

KIT   The wood piano?

MATT  Could I come in?

KIT   Yes.

Matt enters, they move to lounge.


Scene 37: Lounge

MATT Plants? You’re not playing, are you?

She doesn’t reply. He starts to remove the plants

KIT Don’t touch that. It’s Dan’s; he doesn’t like anyone touching it.

MATT Kit, you bought this piano. I was with you. I helped you bring it here from your last flat.

He sits, opens it and plays a few notes.

MATT It’s still in tune, amazing. Come on. I won’t let you lose your music.

He plays a few notes

MATT Here. You try.

KIT You’ve been calling?

MATT Again and again and again. He always answers.

He plays

MATT Have you forgotten how to play, or has he stopped you?

KIT Why are you calling?

MATT Because I care. Come here, feel the keys.

KIT You took advantage of me. He told me.

MATT What?

KIT At a Christmas party.

MATT No. He’s manipulating you again.

KIT You hurt me.

MATT That’s not true. What has he told you?

She doesn’t answer

MATT Kit. I tried to help. He was upsetting you. I saw it in Spain, when you came to my concert, last year, on your birthday. I saw it at the college. You told me.

KIT My birthday.

MATT He left you, at my concert, he walked out. I tried to comfort you, and you started telling me what was happening.

KIT We spent the night together.

MATT I listened to you. That’s all. Think we played a little piano in a pub. He’s filling your head with rubbish. Do you understand?

KIT Don’t say that. He says that, do you understand? Do you understand?

MATT Sorry, I just can’t see you suffocated by him any longer.

KIT How can I understand? Nothing has any history, any meaning. I’m drowning in everyone else’s words, everyone else’s truth. No, I don’t understand, I don’t, but I feel it, in my bones, my bones are trying to tell me.

She cries

MATT It’s okay. I’m sorry.

KIT Don’t touch me. Get out.

MATT Kit, I won’t hurt you.

She slams the lid shut

KIT Get out……Get out. Get out!

She throws a potted plant. Smash


Kit sits on the sofa. Dan comes in.

DAN Sorry I’m late. I stopped by a shop to pick us up some –

He sees the potted plant

DAN What happened?

KIT I can’t remember.

DAN Did you lose your balance?

KIT Yes.

DAN Are you okay?

KIT Think so.

DAN We can mention that to Helena next week. She’s booked us in for an appointment.

KIT I want to hear our promise again.

DAN That I’m going to marry you? You bet I am.

KIT Your recording. I want to hear the recording.

DAN I’ve got something special for dinner. Why don’t you get changed and –

KIT I want to hear it now.

DAN After dinner is –

KIT Now, I want to hear it now!

Scene 38: Studio

Kit and Dan listen on speakers

DAN Bet you’re more the merry go round type

KIT [laughing]  When does it stop being fun?

DAN With you, Never.

They both laugh – Kit makes a playful scared sound

KIT Do you rehearse these answers?

DAN What can you see?

KIT The Tate, and the Gherkin and the Christmas lights on Oxford Street.

DAN I see a big world out there. And I don’t want to walk any of it without you.

KIT Makes two of us.

DAN Kit, will you marry me?

KIT I love our life, I love our home, I love you. Yes.

DAN Say it again.

KIT Yes! Yes! Yes!

End of recording.

KIT I’ll go get changed.

Bang (a cork pops)