Excerpt from The Garden


…coming soon to the urban sprawl near you

By Alex Bulmer

The Keepers – Keeper of Dreams, Keeper of Song, Keeper of History, Keeper of Time and Keeper of Home move throughout the space.

Small portable gardens sit amongst the urban environment.

One garden glistens with small mirrors . Another shows a set of young boys’ toys? A third garden has a beautiful blue bowl with water?

The Keeper of History hands out seed packets.

A group of musicians enter, wearing Keeper coats. They take their place and begin to play.

The Keeper of Song sings


Come, Come! Lay your tired eyes!

Come! Set your mind at rest!

Keeper of Song

Welcome one and all.

We, the Keepers, bring to your urban sprawl

The garden.


The Keepers enter.

Keeper of HIStory):

We keep this Garden for our ancestors.

Thorkell the Tall

Joseph Fountain

Elise Pierce

Thomas Tallis

Dora Farradey

we keep this Garden for those who’s lives have spoken

Jonnie Oshawa

Helen Gee

Irene Kordic

Mercy Brown

And today, with you, we keep this Garden for the renewal of three souls.

One woman

One Man

One boy.

)Music begins)

KEEPER OF HISTORYThree lives lived,

with stories we know,

but have not yet told.


Keeper of Song )KEEPER OF SONG)


Come, come,

Lay your tired eyes,

Come set your mind at rest